Saturday, May 15, 2010

It's the weekend...and we're going skinny on the events...

It's a graduation weekend, so not many events out there this weekend in the Valley.  Now you may be asking, "why is a picture of Eva Mendes up on this post?".  Well, the answer is's my blog and she's hot! with that said, here are the Spot's pics for a light weekend on the valley sports scene...

Saturday- 10am-Pacific Softball vs. Cal Poly-Bill Simoni Field- University of the Pacific-  After having played one of the toughest non-conference schedules in the nation, the Pacific Tigers Softball team, led by a class act of a coach in Brian Kolze, has their final game of the season vs. the Cal Poly Mustangs.  If you're in the area stop on by and congratulate them on their 2010 campaign.

Saturday- 10am-6pm- Calfornia Cougars at MetroPCS- March Lane- Stockton-  We all know the Spot likes the footy...and they're giving away a pair of season tickets for the upcoming why not stop by and say hi!

Saturday- 2pm\5:30pm- Fresno State Baseball vs. San Jose State- Beiden Field- Fresno State University- For our friends further south in the Ernie Banks would say, let's play two!  The 31-20 Fresno State Bulldogs look to make a run at yet another NCAA Tournament (and who can't forget their 2008 College World Series Title?) as they take on San Jose State in a double header.  So grab a hot dog and your favorite beverage (adult or otherwise) sit back, relax and enjoy watching what Fresno State usually does anytime they play San Jose State in any sport...give them a sever beat down!

Tuesday- 4:30pm- Sacramento Kings NBA Draft Lottery Party- 18th Street, Sacramento- Ok ok it's not technically a weekend event.  The Kings are blocking off an entire block of 18th Street to host what they are calling the "NBA's Greatest ever draft lottery party".  Now unless this party somehow involves Erin Andrews or Eva Mendes in some sort of swimsuit competition...the Spot isn't buying it.  Still, if you're a Kings fan, or just like a good party, head on down, and see where they get to pick in this year's NBA draft....and  pray they don't pull another "we're not taking Ricky Rubio" again this year!

That it for now Spot get your breakfast on and enjoy the weekend!

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