Thursday, May 6, 2010

The man with the Golden de Rally Monkey!!!

It's "Golden Goal Day" (Not to be confused with one of the more underrated James Bond Movies of all time, "The Man with the Golden Gun" co-starring Tattoo from Fantasy Island) in Stockton after the Thunder's thrilling triple overtime win vs. the Idaho Steelheads on Cinco de Mayo and the Spot could give you an in-depth analysis of the game (much thanks to his friend Shari Garibaldi for the ticket hook up!) but to be perfectly blunt, Ms. #1, who accompanied the Spot, was probably giving better in game commentary on quality of play the Thunder was giving its fans during regulation ("They're passing like my nephew's roller hockey team" was the line of the night I believe).  Yes, the Spot could talk about how Bryan Pitton channeled his inner Patrick Roy and recorded an astonishing 49 saves over 5+ periods of play....or how the defense showed up to play with timely stops and some rather punishing cross-checks against the glass (yes Heather Fogg, #5 did hit 'em hard!) or how Ryan Constant will now forever be known in Stockton as the Man with the Golden Spot instead will talk about the REAL reason the Stockton Thunder pulled out a win late into the Stockton evening...

....that's right, we all know the real reason the Thunder were victorious....RALLY MONKEY!!  Yep, the Spot, and a few others as well....showed up, Rally Monkey in hand, and through 5+ periods of hockey that at times had more of a resemblance to trench warfare than it did Ice Hockey, rallied our hometown Thunder to victory over the team from the land of potatoes, Smurf Turf, and Senators who do bad things in public restrooms.  The Rally Monkey took his fair share of punishment to ensure a Thunder victory...shaking, tossing, even having nacho cheese sauce dumped on his head...the Rally Monkey took it as well as he gave it to make sure his team came out victorious...

Now down only two games to one....the Rally Monkey's job is not yet done...Games 4 & 5 are this Friday and Saturday, on the home ice of Stockton what do you say Spot fans....does the Rally  Monkey need to make an appearance Friday night?...The Spot says yes!  Lets not just have a few Rally Monkeys...but a whole arena of 'em...because we all know that it's time to...."Believe in the power of the Rally Monkey"!!!

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