Monday, May 31, 2010

Post Game Hot Spot: Stockton's "Ave on the Mile"

Well a happy Memorial Day to everyone out there...the Spot is back, and before he gets his Memorial Day grill on (BBQ'd pineapple burgers with fruit salad for the more curious ones out there), it's time to throw some love out to probably the best post game hang out ever, Stockton's brand new Ave on the Mile.

As most everyone knows, the whole game going experience just isn't complete without the post game gathering spot (unless of course you have little ones who need to get back home in time to watch "Yo Gabba Gabba on a Saturday morning), and if anything, this past Friday's post game was more crucial than most.  Why might you ask?  Well those details are to come in the Spot's next story, but let's just say his first pitch was a definite strike with some serious heat!

So with this in mind, the Spot spent most of the first half of last week trying to think of the perfect post game venue after Friday's Pacific/UCSB baseball game, when someone suggested, "Hey, why don't you guys try AVE on the Mile" of which the Spot's response was "sure, why not!" and is he glad he ever did!

First off, lets start with location.  It's located on Stockton's Miracle Mile, and to steal a line from "Anchorman"...It's on the Miracle Mile, so you know its good. Billing itself as Stockton's premier bar and bistro featuring an elegant, upscale yet comfortable atmosphere, it more than lived up to expectations. The first class hospitality started right from when the first call for reservations on the Wednesday before.  When calling in, the Spot was put in touch with Kevin, who it turned out, was the actual owner.  Although informed that Ave would be packed on Friday night due to the Ave's "Sex and the City 2" party (yes Spot fans, Sex and the City, that unexplainable cultural phenomenon that some people actually believe is just as important and influential as March Madness, the World Cup or the NFL in general), Kevin told the Spot not to worry, he'd get the Spot and his party taken care of for our 9:45pm post game reservations.

Well....Friday's UOP/UCSB baseball game comes and goes and when the Spot arrived with his rather eclectic group (who else but yours truly could put together a group that included a Mills College Graduate, a Republican Political Science Professor, a part time DJ and last but definitely not least, the Spot's resident beer expert!) not only was our table reserved (with the sign you see to the left none the less, now thats what i call first class!), Kevin was there to greet us personally and make sure that all was good with our accommodations. Although the Ave as packed wall to wall with "Sex and the City" patrons (not that the Spot was actually complaining about being surrounded by all the women mind you) Kevin and his staff (on a side note, the tie that Kevin's manager was sporting rocked...I want it, where did you get it?) provided above and beyond personal service the whole night.  One thing was very clear from our experience at Ave, when it comes to classy hang outs, Kevin knows what he's doing, and he probably does it better than anyone else.

Now mind you, don't go to Ave expecting a burger and fries.  As the Spot stated earlier, the Ave is a classy and upscale place.  They have an excellent selection of wines, from your more expensive to your more reasonably priced bottles, along with very reasonably priced light fare appetizers and deserts.  For his part, the Spot got a nice bottle of Pinot Grigo to share amongst friends along with the Ave's take Polenta.  Might I say, both were beyond excellent and are highly recommended (and really, what more do you need than the Spot's seal of approval?).  And while the Ave is a highly comfortable atmosphere, don't come dressed like you're going to a party south of Charter Way.  Comfortable yet classy is the call for attire, and hey, if the Spot can pull it off, anyone can!

All in all, the Spot (and his amigos and amigas) were blown away by our experience at Ave.  The hospitality, the atmosphere, the drink and's clear that Kevin has a winner on his hands here.  Will the Spot return to the Ave? Most definitely! as it earns a "Super Solid" from yours truly (and you just don't get better than Super Solid).  So whether you're a native Stocktonian, or visiting from out of town for any number of events, be it a Pacific Basketball game, Ports game at the ball park (I could go on and on), it's highly recommended that you stop in an enjoy Ave on the Mile.  It's an experience you won't want to miss, and one that will keep you coming back again and again.

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  1. I absolutley agree! great atmosphere and great service!