Saturday, June 19, 2010

it's Father's Day Weekend...get out and do something with your pops!!

It's Father's Day Weekend Spot fans....and instead of getting into some long solliloquy that might put everyone to sleep (calling Bob Costas...calling Bob Costas) the Spot is just gonna cut to the chase and give you all some last minute options of what you can do with dad this here ya go!

Saturday June 19th- 7pm- Stockton Ports vs. Visalia Rawhide- Stockton Ballpark- Is your dad both a baseball fan AND an Oakland Raider fan? (Yes, the Spot has given his bi-monthly acknowledgement of the Raider Nation)  If so, then head out to the Stockton Ballpark as the Stockton Ports take on the Visalia Rawhide at 7pm.  The Raider connection you ask?  WR Todd Watkins will be at the ballpark signing autographs.  I'm pretty sure if you mention how happy you are that Jamarcus Russell is gone he just might give you an extra autograph out of sheer jubilation!!

Saturday June 19th- 7pm- FC Gold Pride vs. Boston Breakers- Pioneer Stadium- CSU East Bay- Hayward- Does dear old Dad have World Cup Fever?  Need to get in his evening fix of the footy?  Then head over Hayward as the first place FC Gold Pride of Women's Professional Soccer take on the Boston Breakers at 7pm.  You'll also get to see the Gold Pride break in their brand new permenant home at CSU East Bay (ok ok ok....Hayward St., there I said it...after being corrected on such last nite!).  The Spot's prediction....Marta nexts a hat trick...and Kelly O'Hara stays looking super hot while dropping the dime on two of Marta's three goals!

Looking for where to take the family for brunch of Father's Day?....Here are the Spot's picks for excellent eats on father's day....

856- Lincoln Center- Stockton- Wanna get brunch in AND catch the day's World Cup games?  If so head over to 856 in Lincoln Center.  The food is great, the atmosphere is even better (Your's truly was there  last week for U.S./England) and your you're treating dad to a great time...where can you go wrong?!

AVE on the Mile- Miracle Mile (Pacific Ave.)- Stockton- Why hit the AVE for Father's Day brunch?  Two words...Bottomless Mimosas!...and I suggest trying the Creme Brule, it the best that the Spot's had yet (and I'm super picky when it comes to my Creme Brule!!)

Well Spot fans...enjoy your Father's Day...and until next time!....

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