Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Why Soccer Represents America...

Well Spot fans...we know two things, a) unless you live under a rock, you know that the U.S. Men's National Team pulled off a dramatic, with a Capital D, win, today to advance to the round of 16 in the World Cup, where they'll play Ghana on Saturday (11am our time) and b) the Spot loves his soccer.  Yes, it's a great day to be both an American AND a soccer fan...but then again, every day is a great day to be an American and a fan of the footy...why?  Because soccer represents all that America is about...

You can see it in our Men's National Team...11 men on the field, from different parts of the country all with different backgrounds.  You have today's hero, Landon Donovan, from the Suburbs of sun splashed Southern California.  Goal Keeper Tim Howard, arguably one of the best Goalies in the world, a Jersey guy who has turned his Tourette's Syndrome from a handicap to an advantage...and you have Head Coach Bob Bradley...Princeton educated, but with a tough as nails, blue collar attitude and work ethic that has embodied America ever since Horace Greeley went west and Davey Crockett manned the Alamo.

Together, along with their teammates, they represent our nation in a country many of us have never been a sport a lot of people unfortunately haven't discovered the beauty of yet...and they make us proud.  They have displayed that uniquely American never say die attitude as they battled adversity and  injustices.  They have fought one of the powers of world soccer to a stand still (Will the English National Team please report to the woodshed...thank you) nearly a year after they humbeled yet another world power (yes, thats you Spain).  Yes, even if you aren't a soccer fan, this is a team you should get behind and support.  Because they ARE America.  A diverse, hard working collection of young men who will do whatever it takes to get the job done, and won't fold like cheap lawn chairs at the first sign of rough seas (yes France, that was directed at you).

But soccer doesn't just represent the present of America, but also it's future.  I have the pleasure of seeing the FC Gold Pride of Women's Professional Soccer on a regular basis, and see the hundreds of young women, the future of our country, as they see their new heros in action.  Heros that are positive role models.  Women  that someone like my niece and godchild Makenzie can look up to and say "ya know what, she's cool, I wanna be just like her" and be comfortable in the fact that the role model she's talking about isn't strutting around half-naked on the latest episode of an MTV reality show, but is displaying grit, determination and smarts out on the playing field.  It's about the mother's of those same young girls who are there to see their hero's, having a hero of their own in 37 year old Tiffeny Millbret...a woman who can make every soccer mom in America look in the mirror and say "if she can get out there and do it, why can't I get out there, kick the ball around with my daughter or play catch with her...or start my own buisness....or do something spectacular" and provide their son's and daughter's a role model they don't have to turn on the TV to follow.  And finally it's about showing the young men and women of America the determination, desire and dedication of a Christine Rampone of they Sky Blue FC (who coincidentally play FC Gold Pride this Sunday at 3pm at CSU East Bay...ok ok...Hayward!)...who, as the Wall Street Journal Chronicled, last season made it through 3 head coaches, one ruptured cyst, and one lost liter of blood to lead her team to a championship...and give birth to a daughter.

Yes...Soccer is America...and it's days like this, and teams like these, that make me proud to love my country...and the game of soccer!

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  1. Well its simple thing that America is the biggest place of soccer fans almost majority of fan are in America and that is a reason.