Monday, June 28, 2010

It was a scorcher at "The Wagon"

Every stadium, arena, field, etc. etc. worth its weight in...well...anything, needs it's very own nickname. University of New Mexico has "The Pit"...Urban Meyer and Company have "The Swamp", LSU has "Death Valley" on and so forth.  With this in mind, those of us in Press Row at this past Sunday's FC Gold Pride vs. Sky Blue FC match (ok...ok... maybe it was just myself and Giovanni Albanese Jr. from decided the appropriate nickname for the FC Gold Pride's Pioneer Stadium would be...drum roll please..."The Wagon"!  Get it...Pioneers....coming over in Wagons...well, it seemed like a good idea at the time!

Ok, onto the important stuff...the Gold Pride suffered their first home defeat, 2-0 to Sky Blue FC (from New York/New Jersey, and they had on orange uniforms...yep, even the Spot was a bit confused!) in what was a lethargic (and HOT!) first half.  Lucky for those of  us in the  nice Air Conditioned Press Box...and those sticking through the heat in the stands, things picked up in the 2nd half to create an up and down game that kept things lively.  Here are the match's post game interviews...and no Spot fans...there were no interviews in Portuguese this time! (a big shout out to Giovanni who is a fellow contributor in the Q&A sessions...and also owes me a picture of those Dunkin' Donuts hasbrowns he keeps raving about!):

Sky Blue FC Coach Pauliina Miettinen

FC Gold Pride Coach Albertin Montoya

Sky Blue FC Goalkeeper (and member of the English Women's National Team) Karen Bardsley

Sky Blue FC's Christine Rampone

FC Gold Pride's Rachel Buehler

One final note....Sky Blue's Karen Bardsley has both the Notorious B.I.G AND Al Green in her IPod...tell the Spot that isn't as close to perfection as you can get!

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