Thursday, July 1, 2010

Where's my Vuvuzela!!

Well Spot's day 2 of  no World Cup games and it's got the Spot asking...where's my Vuvuzela?!?!  No no no...actually, it's given the Spot some time to look at the upcoming Quarterfinal matches and give his take on who's moving on....

Friday's Matches:

Brazil v. Holland- 7am- ESPN- Yes, we all know everyone is picking Brazil in this one...and the Spot does think KaKa looks quite snazzy in the mock t-neck set up...but...the Spot's dad did pay for a Univ. of the Pacific Education by making Gouda, Edam and a whole variety of other Dutch I'm going with Holland on this one...2-1 for the Dutch.

Uruguay v. Ghana- 11:30am- ESPN-  Uruguay has one of the world's best goal scorers in Diego Forlan of Atletico Madrid.  Ghana took out our boys in blue last you really need to ask who I'm pulling for in this one?...Uruguay with the 3-1 victory.

Saturday's Matches:

Argentina v. Germany- 7am- ABC- Let's face it, this is more worthy of a World Cup Final then it is of a Quarterfinal...but alas, we have Diego Maradona's boys v. the team that puts the TEAM in team.  While Germany may function as a well oiled unit, 11 guys working together and not one star that sticks out, they still haven't had to face anyone who can even hold Lionel Messi's shin guards yet...Take the Argentines, 2-1, Messi with both goals.

Paraguay v. Spain- 11:30am- ABC- The Spanish took out my Portuguese...which probably wouldn't of happened if one Cristiano Ronaldo spent less time with the Armani Underwear and more time learning how to be a team player...but I much as I hate to say it, the Spanish are just that good...and Paraguay wasn't exactly impressive in their win over Japan...take the Spanish, 3-0...oh, and By the Spanish Goalkeeper Iker Casillas...nice job on the girlfriend!!

There ya go Spot do my picks stack up against yours?  Am I right on the money, or do you think I'm a little off my rocker?  Only one way to find out...enjoy this weekend's games!!

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