Sunday, July 18, 2010

Oh Canada.... home and native land...oh Canada...oh who's the Spot kidding, eh?  It was another wonderful Saturday night at the "Wagon" as the FC Gold Pride took out the Philadelphia Independence (interesting side note sticking with the independence theme that only your's truly would know...Elton John's "Philadelphia Freedom" was done in honor of tennis great Billie Jean King, who at the time was a member of the Philadelphia Freedoms of World Team Tennis, and her victory over Bobby Riggs in the "Battle of the Sexes" ...'cause I live and breath this Philadelphia freedom) 2-0 on what was billed as "Canada Day' at the Wagon.

Whats that you say? "Canada Day"?  Yes, there are still people out there who believe that Canada is actually an independent country, and not the 51st State of the United States that we all know it is (yes, that was for my Canadian relatives in the lovely Toronto area!).  In a performance that was fitting for "Canada Day", both Gold Pride goals were scored by Christine Sinclair, who is, you guessed it, Canadian (from British Columbia to be exact).

Per usual, we have the post game interviews...special warning for this week's interviews.  The Spot had to use his allegedly "smart" phone (Samsung Code to be exact) which didn't pick up the answers to well, especially with the background either pump up the volume or pay close attention for this week's Q&A.

The Gold Pride's next home game is their "Think Pink" game August 7th at 7pm vs. the Chicago Red Stars.  But just as important, lets all gear up for their August 14th, 7pm "Tweetup" game vs. the Washington Freedom...and yes...the "tweetup" was the brain child of your's truly (ok, more like I stole the idea from the SF Giants who had one in April...but hey, all's fair in sports and social media!).  So if you're on Twitter, call in for special "tweetup" ticket rates and stay after the game to meet up with FC Gold Pride players who are also fellow "tweeters"!

'Till next time....

Post Game Interviews (sorry for this week's sound quality!):

Marta (yes, as usual, it's in Portuguese) 

FC Gold Pride Coach Albertin Montoya

FC Gold Pride 'Keeper Brittany Cameron

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