Monday, July 5, 2010

Spotlight on....The Atwater Aviators

Yes Spot fans...your's truly has been a little pre-occupied con el Copa del Mundo it's time to bring things back closer to home and put the spotlight on a local team that's been on a tear of late...the Atwater Aviators of the Pacific West Baseball Leauge.

After having started the season 3-13...the Aviators have taken off (yeah yeah, pun intended) and are 10-1 in their last 11 games to currently stand 13-14 overall, and 9-7 in leauge.

What has led to this current  hot streak?  Well, on a team full of college baseball players from across the United States, its none other than local product Kori Melo. The Aviator's 10-1 run began with the game in which Melo joined the Aviator's roster and the Merced College product (now playing for Newman University) takeover of both 3rd base and the lead off spot in the batting order have helped propel the Aviators (ok ok today's story is just full of puns....I can't help it!) on their current tear through the PWBL.

Interested in seeing if the Aviators can keep up their hot streak?  Just wanna support some great local baseball?  Then catch the Aviators July 8th thru the 11th as they take on the Clovis Reds and the Sacramento Legends at Atwater's Memorial Ballpark.  It's sure to be a great time on a hot summer night...and that  you just can't beat!

'Till next time....

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