Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lights, Dugouts...and some really great Softball

Well Spot fans...when it comes to college programs with a track record of success here in the Valley, we usually think of Pacific Basketball and Volleyball, Fresno State Football, Modesto Christian Basketball (ok, so maybe they're a high school team, they could probably take out a few college teams with all that talent!)...but tucked away on the University of the Pacific campus is a program that has consistently produced winners, yet hasn't gotten the attention of it's more well known brethern...the Pacific Tigers Softball Team.

Led by Coach Brian Kolze (whom the Spot can tell you from personal experience, is a GREAT guy...and hooked the Spot up with Ms. #1's now favorite gray Nike Softball hoodie)...Pacific Softball has produced 11 NCAA tournament apperances, 1 College World Series apperance, 1 Super Regional apperance...and one coach with a great profile story done on ESPN. 

Yet with all the success, the program, seeking to keep up with the "jonses" of West Coast Softball, continues to seek ways to improve.  Pacific currently plays it's home games at Bill Simoni Field, which, while being one of the best places to catch a game that your's truly can think missing two key ingredients...lights and actual dug outs.

That's where the Pacific Athletic Department's "Lights, Dugout, Action!" campaign comes in.  Just why does the home of Tigers Softball need lights and dugouts?  Well who doesn't like to catch a game under the lights in the cool spring air?  And wouldn't a night game...or two...or three make it just that much more convenient for you to take a nice break from your work week routine and catch some Tiger Softball action?  As for the dugouts...come on now...doesn't every ball field worth it's weight in rawhide and aluminum bats need a dugout?  Remember how fun it was to be in your little league dugout singing "we need a pitcher....not a belly itcher...)...shouldn't your Lady Tigers get to do the same? (ok ok, maybe minus the "belly itcher" chant!)

So what say you Tiger fans and alumni?  Coach Kolze and his Lady Tigers have given us a program that we can be proud of...a program that has produced winners on the diamond AND in the classroom....if you're like me and feel like it's time we show him a little appreciation then just click HERE and get ready for a little Tiger Softball under the lights!

'Till next time....

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