Saturday, July 31, 2010

Whats on the Pacific Men's Basketball Docket This Year....

For those of you get the "Pacific Digest" mailed to you on a quarterly basis from the Pacific Athletic the latest edition you'll find the Athletic Department Calendar for 2010-11 that also includes...yes, you guessed it....the Men's Basketball Schedule.

While the schedule isn't totally complete (TBA's for home games on 11/20, 12/11 and 12/21) here are the non-conference highlights (I'm guessing all Pacific fans can guess who we play in conference):

Non-Conference Away:
11/12: UTEP
11/15-16: Pre-Season NIT @ UCLA (Pacific, UCLA, Pepperdine & Nevada- since we play Pepperdine again, I'm guessing our first game in the Pre-Season NIT is vs. Nevada).
12/4: Texas A&M
12/18: New Mexico State

Non-Conference Home:
11/7: Chico State (Pre-Season warm up I'm guessing)
11/20: TBA
12/1: Pepperdine
12/11: TBA
12/14: Santa Clara
12/21: TBA

The Tigers Start Big West Conference play on 12/28 with a trip to Cal State No-Place...err...I mean Northridge.

So what say you Tiger fans...or College Basketball fans in general....what do you think of the Tiger's Non-conference schedule?  Glad to see Coach T. loading up with some quality games?  Suprised that it looks like some teams are afraid to come to the Spanos Center (yes, I'm talking to you Fresno State...and Cal...and San Diego...and Gonzaga...and the list goes on and on)

'Till next time Spot Fans....

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