Friday, July 16, 2010

Twitter me this...Twitter me that...

Well my fellow Spotonians....It's a Thursday night...and while getting ready for my trip to the ever so lovely San Luis Obispo area...and after taking in a pretty damn exciting Stockton Ports game (walk off Home Run win + Thirsday Thursday $2 dollar beer night = SOLID!) I decided...yep, time to give out a little more social media love.

But who does the social media love go to this time?  No, not the University of Utah, this time it goes to my favorite women's soccer team (NO NO NO, not the one Playboy puts out every four years!)...the FC Gold Pride.  And just what has the FC Gold Pride done to earn such love?...they're having a "Tweet Up!"  A "Tweet Up" you ask? make a long story's a bunch of people who use twitter and  "Tweet" with each other...meeting up in person to mix, mingle, have a few adult beverages...and just all in all have a good time.

The Gold Pride's Tweet Up is scheduled for their August 14th game vs. the Washington Freedom with special $12 dollar tickets (it's $12 dollars people...that's less than it costs to park your car for 10 minutes in San Francisco!) and with Gold Pride players (and fellow tweeters) Kristen Graczyk (@kristengraczyk) & Candace Chapman (@chappie95) along with Gold Pride GM Illisa Kessler (@fcgoldpridegm) all scheduled to appear at the post game Tweet Up to meet and greet the fans....and yes tackle those tough Tweet Up questions! (here's to hoping none of the questions involve "bieber fever" or "do you follow Ashton Kutcher too?") .  For more information on the Gold Pride's Tweet Up...just click HERE.  In the meantime...kudos to the Gold Pride for coming up with new ways to reach out to their community and fan base.  The more one thinks about it...the more sports and social media are a match made in heaven...and it's always good to see a team like the Gold Pride tackle something new and innovative to make the game just that much more of a memorable experience!

That's all for now Spot back to your regularly scheduled programing....

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