Monday, August 2, 2010

A new College for the Valley...

There's a  new College here in California's Central Valley.  Now before you, it won't be trying to join the Pac-Whatever they call it now....or trying to get a ticket to March Maddness on a yearly fact it won't even field any athletic teams.  Why is the Spot bring up this new College then you may ask?  Because if you're lucky enough, one day, your sons or daughters...nieces or nephews...grandchildren even...may be taught, or for our purposes here at the Sports Spot, coached, by one of it's graduates.

Teacher's College of San Joaquin, located in Stockton, just recently celebrated it's one year anniversary (word on the street has it that the anniversary cake was quite good!).  Created for those College Graduates seeking to enter the teaching profession (hence the name...of course!), Teacher's College seeks to be an innovative, collaborative institution that seeks to help reform California's current K-12 educational system (side note here....our current K-12 public ed. system can use all the help it can get!) by making sure that its graduates are successful not only in a traditional teaching environment, but also in carrer oriented and other multiple educational pathways.

Ok, enough of the talk that sounds like it belongs in a glossy catalog.  Why exactly is the Spot writing about a graduate college that will most likely have it's only athletic event be a slow pitch softball game at the annual school picnic? Because as mentioned before, their graduates will mostly likely be our future elementary, Jr. High and High School coaches to thousands of our son's and daughter's.  Because having a College that teaches its student's to think outside the box can only be a good thing for our future generation.  And because as a guy who coached High School Basketball for 3 years, I know that more often than not, Coaches can have a greater impact on our school age children than almost any adult they encounter not named mom or dad. We are mentors and role models for our future generation..

Need more proof?  Take it from the NFL's Brian Waters, Offensive Lineman for the Kansas City Chiefs, who nominated the NFL's 2008 Teacher of the year, George Solis, Spanish Teacher at Waxahachie High School in Texas:
          "“I had heard of George Solis before I took Spanish. I think everyone in Waxahachie has   heard of him. He migrated from Mexico and split his time at Waxahachie High School in the classroom and in the cotton fields. Like most in this area of Texas, he needed to work in order to help his family make ends meet. His unwavering support and confident candor has taught me and countless other Waxahachieians about more than just the language of Spanish. He taught us to give our all and how to be successful. Most importantly, he taught us how to accept the consequences of our actions.”

Or take it from your's truly, and one of my biggest influences growing up (and former Hilmar H.S. History Teacher and Vice-Principal) my High School Basketball Coach, Alan Peterson.  Coach Peterson accepted me for the semi-talented, highly eccentric, ball player that I was.  But more importantly, taught me that there is more to growing up, and being an adult, than just who had the most points at the end of four quarters.  He taught us that there are much more important things in life, like family, and the type of person you are.  That it's about doing what's right not only in front of a packed gym, but also when no one else is looking.  Those are lessons that I somehow lost along the way, but was lucky enough to remember, and reapply, not only to myself, but also to those that I coached for my three unforgetable years (yes, the good, the bad and the ugly kinda unforgetable) as "Coach Lee".

So there you have it Spot Fans.  If you're as excited about Teacher's College as I am...then look 'em up on Facebook and become a fan...follow them on twitter (@teachcollegesj) and get their latest up to the minute news...and be confident in knowing that they are producing the coaches, teachers and role models that our next generation will be looking to for role models.

"Till next time....

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