Wednesday, August 11, 2010

College ball (of all sorts) is back!

Well Spot Fans, after a bit of a break (to now become an official resident of the City of Stockton!) its time to get back on the horse.  Since we're nearing the middle of August that means that all sorts of College Ball is just around the corner!  In the coming week...your's truly will take a look at the upcoming seasons for:

Fresno State Football
Pacific Women's Soccer
Sacramento State Football
UC Davis Football
Pacific Volleyball
Pacific Golf

How will they do?  Is there a Bowl Game in store for the Bulldogs this year?  Can Pacific Volleyball make it back to the NCAA Tourney?  Will the Pacific Golf Team continue to be the best dressed outfit this side of a David Beckham sideline sighting? (I want one of their sweater vests please!)....only one way to find out! Stay tuned for more from the Spot!

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