Wednesday, August 18, 2010

...Just when you thought the dust had settled...

Should I stay or should I go now?  That's the question Fresno State has to be asking itself this morning...just when you thought all the dust from conference re-alignment had settled...BYU decides to do this.  BYU has decided to go the route of another major religion based university (i.e Notre Dame) and go independent in Football and join the WAC in all other sports....and yes, those screeches you hear are from all the Boise State fans who are now asking, "What the &*#@?!?!?!"

The decision by BYU actually makes sense.  The Mormon Church gives them a following to allow them to be a draw in football and as a result give them a much easier time putting together a high profile schedule a la Notre Dame.  The fact that BYU also has it's own television network will also be appealing to the football schedule makers.  Just where would BYU schedule in football?  California is an obvious choice....the strength of the BYU football program along with the large Mormon population in California makes scheduling games vs. the likes of USC, UCLA, Cal and Stanford a no brainer.

Now this is the part where Fresno State comes in.  BYU as an independent in football would allow for a greater chance to have the Cougars come to Bulldog Stadium, and vice versa, thus helping Fresno State in it's flagship sport.  BYU's move to the WAC in all other sports only strengthens the WAC, especially in the other flagship sport, Men's College Basketball.  A WAC roster of BYU, Utah State, New Mexico State, Fresno State and Nevada automatically makes it one of the tougher mid-major conferences in the nation.

But...but....but....what if the Mountain West now comes calling and wants Fresno State for expansion?  It would be a better league in football (for the time being....I'm sure that TCU is looking for an out clause as we speak) but in all other sports, it would now be a step down, especially in Men's Basketball.

So when all is said and disappointed as Fresno State fans were that they weren't included in this summer's games of conference musical chairs...looks like things will come out alright for them in the end after all...go figure

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