Sunday, March 21, 2010

...and they're off!...

The Sports Spot decided to wake up way to early this morning and take in the start of the Inaugural Modesto Marathon. At first when I arrived, I was thinking to myself "why on earth am I up, and in Modesto, this early on a Sunday Morning!"...then the Spot started to notice once thing...women, lots of them, wearing Under Armor, Nike, Adidas and any other wide range of ummm....rather nice fitting running apparel...suddenly my decision to make the early trip to Modesto didn't seem so bad after all!!

But I's always good to see high-caliber sporting events taking place here in the Central Valley, and the organizers of the Modesto Marathon have done a great job with this one. Already certified by USA Track & Field, the Marathon serves as an official qualifier for the world's most famous foot races, 2011 Boston Marathon. The crowd was excellent and the field was packed with runners from across California.

The Spot was able to take some pictures (the quality of which show's that the Spot needs someone who knows what they're doing with a camera!) of the start of the race...and as the runners began to pound out the 26 mile course...the Spot then blazed his own trail...over to the nearest Starbucks!

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