Friday, March 19, 2010

There's a marathon in...Modesto!?!

Here it is Sports Spot fans, proof that the Spot will cover more than just basketball!

This one is for all the runners out there, as this Sunday marks the inaugural Modesto Marathon. The Modesto Bee has a pretty good write up on the marathon in today's paper also.

It looks to be pretty good event, brining some world-class athletes here to the valley, as the marathon will also serve as an official qualifier for the 2011 Boston Marathon. Official race time starts at 7am with the start and finish lines both being on M St. in Downtown Modesto.

The Spot will be there bright and early to snap some pictures of the race start (and grab a skinny vanilla latte from the nearby Starbucks), so if you see the Spot, feel free to say stop and say hi! (For those crazy enough to be out and about that early on a Sunday Morning!)

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