Thursday, March 25, 2010

Power picks from Power Cat!

Afternoon Spot fans...needing a little last minute advice on the Sweet 16?  The Spot sure did, so who better to ask than Pacific's own Power Cat!  So, without further ado...Power Cat's take on the Sweet 16....

Syracuse vs. Butler: PC likes the Orangemen, and just like Pacific, Syracuse represents well. We are in the Big West, they are Big East, either way they win.

UDub vs WV: Powercat was a fan of Pat White and Steve Slaton running the spread option at West Virginia, but he’s not playing in this game. Washington serves to represent the West Coast in a close close game.

Xavier vs KState: KansasState, a lil’ intrastate competition never hurt anyone right?

Cornell vs Kentucky: Is John Wall overlooking Cornell and their hot shooting? Keys to this game for Cornell to win, make baskets, make baskets, and make more baskets! Free throws will be a huge part of this, and we all know John Wall is a top pick, he can cement that tonight. PC goes with Kentucky because of the John Wall Dance

Tennessee vs Ohio St.: I like Evan Turner, but look for Hopson and Prince to have huge games. OhioState by 5.

St. Mary’s vs. Baylor: The Gaels beat Pacific, but they won’t beat Baylor.

Northern Iowa vs. Michigan St.: PC digs Michigan St, I like their mascot Sparty. But Northern Iowa continues their run for at least one more round.

Purdue vs Duke. Purdue wins. Hummel’s out, but I’m not a fan of Duke.

You like the Cat's way of thinking?  Or do you think he'd just had a bad batch of Fancy Feast?  Let the Spot know!


  1. You're doing a great job on this blog.

  2. Why thank you! wait till this weekend, you'll get a great recipe for garlic bread to go along with your pizza for the weekend's games and our very first...ummm..."adult beverage" review!