Thursday, April 1, 2010

...he's baaaack....that's right, its Power Cat "the Greek"

In the true spirit of Jimmy "the Greek", the Power Cat is back, and this time he's giving us his low-down on the Final Four and who he think's will be cutting down the nets Monday, for your prognostication pleasure...I give you the Power Cat....

"The Spot has been kind enough to have me back, even though my picks were far from perfect.  Let's see if i do any better now....

Butler vs. Michigan State: One of the few picks that I was able to muster correctly was MSU.  Anyway, Butler is practically playing at home, their fans will be out, and their D will be on display.  Sparty is still my boy, but he's going to have to come watch the final with me.

Duke vs. West Virginia: Duke loses, simple as that.  They've made a huge run, but WVU has staying power.  They know they can beat a good team (ask Kentucky), and call all out ball.  They need to play defense and guard against the shooters from Duke, but the spirit of the blue and gold carpet will bring home a W in a close one.  Plus, Duke fared worst of all teams in ESPN's likeability index

Championship Game:  West Virginia keeps it up and squeaks by Butler by 6.  Cue the "One Shinning Moment".  PC can't wait to see that, its my favorite every year!"

By the way, the Spot HIGHLY reccomends you click on the link attached to "ESPN's likeability index"...its quite enjoyable!!!


  1. lmao! yes Duke does suck! I haven't laughed that hard in a long time!

  2. Butler better show us why Duke sucks Monday Night. Sick of the Dukies!