Sunday, April 18, 2010

Trouble in Aggieland: Part Deux

Well Spot fans, when we last left the city of Davis, it was announced that the Athletic Department was in the process of deciding with sports to cut, and the Student-Athletes of UC Davis were getting all riled up to fight the cuts.
Well, the ax finally dropped, as UC Davis announced that it would be cutting Women's Rowing and Men's Wresting, Swimming and Diving and Indoor Track & Field.  Of those teams, Men's Swimming and Diving won this years 2010 Big West Championships and Women's Rowing had the most participants of any other female sport at UC Davis.

Of course the announcement didn't come and go without nary a whisper, as scores of student's filled the hallways chanting "here we go aggies, here we go!".

What's next for the Student-Athletes affected?  I'm sure we'll find out in the coming days and weeks.  When contacted via e-mail, one of the leaders of the students fighting the cuts, Matt Herman, was going through an understandably rough time and wanted a few days to collect his thoughts (all very understandable from the Spot's perspective).

'Till next time spot fans....

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