Sunday, April 11, 2010

This blog is your blog...this blog is my blog...

As the Spot sits here on a Sunday afternoon, hoping against hope that the Valley's own Ricky Barnes can make a late run in the final round of the Masters and slip on the Green Jacket, he's thinking to himself..."how bout a little fan and reader interaction here on the Sports Spot!"...Now thats all well and good, but exactly how does one get more interactive here on the Sports Spot?...well, I'm glad you asked!

If there's one thing sports fans like to do (other than cheer, boo, drink their favorite adult beverage or bust out with their favorite BBQ), its take pictures!  So on that note, the Sports Spot wants your sports related pics!!  Visit our Facebook Fan Page and post up your favorite sports pics under our "fan photos" section.  They can be pics of you at a sporting event, your kid's little league or soccer game (but please, no re-enactments from "Kicking & Screaming") or even you yourself in action (who doesn't love the co-ed slow pitch softball action!).  As an added bonus (and as the Sports Spot's first ever reader contest), the first three people to post up pics on our Facebook Fan Page will receive a free bag of Starbucks Pike Place Roast Coffee (The Spot's even paying for the postage!).

So there ya go Spot fans!  Take those pics, post 'em up, and let us here at the Spot know what your up to!

Until next time.....

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