Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mutiny in Aggieland?

It's looking like the UC Davis Men's Basketball Program is having its very own "Mutiny on the Bounty",  as it appears that 4 players are leaving the team altogether: Big West Freshman of the Year Julian Welch, key reserves Adam Malik and Jelani Floyd and 6-10 Freshman Deandre Medlock (giving credit where credit is due, much thanks to "stiggy" over on the Pacific Tigers Hoops Board for bringing this to everyone's attention).

Of even more interest was today's creation of a blog that isn't exactly meant to flatter Head Coach Gary Stewart.  The Real Truth About Gary has one posting, a letter signed by eight members of the UC Davis Basketball Team asking Athletic Director Greg Warzecka to fire Coach Stewart, immediately.  Among the signatures that seem to appear on the letter are those of the four departing players along with Ryan Howley, Ryan Silva, Ryan Sypkens and Jacob Ranger.  If all eight players who signed the letter were to leave the program, that would leave the Aggies with, including the three incoming freshmen, a grand total of six scholarship players on roster...definitely not good times for UC Davis Basketball.

Whats all this mean?  Whats behind this supposed quagmire?  Well, looks like its time for the Spot to do some diggin'....

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